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Leprestore is happy to announce opening of Apex Legends Boosting Service page of our store! We were looking to enter a battle royale scene for very long time, but there were no best game yet. But now we have it, thanks to Respawn Entertainment, we can launch our Apex Legends carry services. You can trust our top teams to work on your account and get you to the highest ranks. Apex Legends boosting service is an exceptional new option for those who started to play this awesome game. Those, who don't have much time to grind or climb through lower rank. As for now, game doesn't have any chance to immediately examine your gameplay (calibration system) and push you further than Bronze IV.

How does it work?


Apex Legends carry services include a huge range of products, designed to make your experience smoother. Best thing is that we offer our products on all platforms - PC, XBOX and PS4. Doesn't matter if you are PC or console gamer, you can order from our Apex Legends shop. As we have wide range of products, in this article we will describe them and make them transparent for you. Apex legends boost is brand new, as the game itself. This means you can get cheap boosts from rising players and also can help them improve themselves. Apex Legends carry is possible only as recovery for now - so you can trust your account to our players. Our teams consist of top players, best from European region, most of them are tournament participants. Apex Legends boost includes the following: rating, battle pass, badges, stats and many more entries. If you have some special request, best thing to do is to ask our support agents - they will gladly assist you.

I've recently started playing, tell me about products you offer


Leprestore's Apex Legends carry offers many different types of account recovery. Most of them are situational, but a few are essential, on our opinion. For example, Apex Legends recovery for Battle Pass. Season 2 just started, and it contains so many awesome skins, banners and Apex packs. Apex Legends Recovery for Ranked play is also a great feature to get higher pool of average skill. Nobody wants to play versus bad players, but even more - play with bad random teammates. So it's much easier to get apex boost for rating and increase a level of average players in your lobby. That way you will learn faster, especially tactics, strategies, land zones and more. You can buy apex boost for most of the badges in the game, as they are very hard to obtain for solo players. If you don't have a team of best friends, for example, who know how to play, troubles are iminent. Even a mediocre player can perform better in a pre-made, not to say about relatively skilled ones. Apex carry will help you to significantly increase your level of accuracy, game sense and tactic advantage over foes. By just playing with great players, you will follow their movement and learn much faster. So buy apex carry and get your level of play higher. Higher by facing harder opponents and more complicated game situations. But that is about selfplay products, which are not as cheap, as Apex recovery. When our best teams are working on your account, there are much higher cap of possible things to do. For example, you can buy Apex Legends recovery to increase your overall stats - kills, wins and others. There are many products that can do a huge influence on your statistics and overall performance.

Season 2 is on timer


Season one was great, but second one is much better from all sides, but you can't eliminate all worst possible things. There are a little problem with Apex rank recovery boost carry. And it's simple as it is - time. Longer you wait for ordering Apex rank boost, it will be harder to perform your request, as season has its end timer. In Apex right now next ranks can be earned: Each rank is harder to maintain, and enemies & allies you will be matched, are much stronger. Apex Predator is a special rank for the most skilled players in a whole world. Playing ranked can be difficult, as you lose points on bad performance. If you don't need rank, but want your stats improved - you can get Apex wins recovery boost carry. Purpose is to level up some badges and improve banners. Your teammates will be motivated to play with a man who has over 100 wins at least. You will get more pings and maybe some players will give you a priority on loot, as for good teammate.

What products should I aim for?


The first and the most significant is Apex battle pass recovery boost carry. New season launched only a few weeks ago, and there's still time to level compendium up. Second, but also very significant is Apex coaching. Play with top players to increase your skills. This is a selfplay feature, so you will learn by each hour you spend on coaching. There are also many important, but we would say - situational products. For example, Apex achievements & badges recovery boost carry, mostly designed for cosmetics. There are many cool badges you can earn, and many of them are almost impossible to do without good team. Apex challenges recovery boost carry is also all about badges and hard Battle Pass quests. I'm pretty sure you always wanted to get two hammers achieve (maxed Legend's Wrath) or falling skulls (Legend's Wake). These are indicators of an amazing player, true Legend. And another category is Apex wins recovery boost carry. These are divided on ranked and unranked wins. Plus, we expect Elite mode to return, so you will be able to get some badges from there as well. Apex kills recovery boost carry will show another great indicator of a great performer. Of course, you can request to complete other banner stats, such as specific Legend-related or global ones. For example, Kills as kill leader, wins with full squad alive and many more of them. As it was said, they are situational, but for those who seek perfection by all means. There's also old, but good feature of Apex account leveling recovery boost carry which gives you great start, if you are new to this game. Get more cosmetics via openings packs, unlock new legends without investing into Apex. This is not everything you can look for on our website. Feel free to browse our categories and to choose whatever can fit you. If you want to get something but can't decide - let us propose you packages or best deals. We are best at this, you can trust our experienced supports.

Prepare to become a Legend.


Apex Legends is a great game, developed by great studio - Respawn Entertainment. There are tons of content approaching, as a game itself is fresh and young. As for now there are four different types of legends. Offensive - Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Wraith. Defensive - Caustic, Wattson and Gibraltar. Support - Lifeline, Pathfinder. And unique type - Recon, for now only Bloodhound is under this type. Each legend has unique abilities so as unique playstyle. Game is a perfect way to spend your time if you are fan of Battle Royale. The most dynamic and balanced, Apex stands a perfect field of improvement. Leprestore is happy to help you with this mission. Get better with us, join an army of our satisfied customers and become a true Legend in Apex. We are a company you can trust.